The Swine Flu : Your Supply Chain Moment of Truth?

From ” The supply chain has faced significant obstacles in 2009 with the prolonged recession and economic fears and then the Somali pirates terrorizing merchant ships along the high seas. Now, another potential problem has emerged with the swine flu that not only threatens the lives of thousands, but the economic lifeline of businesses.”

“This isn’t the first time that an infectious disease impacted the supply chain. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) struck Asia in 2003 resulting in a huge disruption in manufacturing and high-tech production with business-changing ramifications leading back here in the U.S. poultry markets. The swine flu is no different than other problems of the past, but combined with economic and political uncertainty and the always looming natural disaster creates a unique perfect storm for supply chain disruptions. The global nature of today’s economy also makes the spread of diseases easier due to the mobility of the population and the distribution of global commerce. According to estimates, the economic impact of a pandemic on the U.S. alone would exceed $100 billion affecting businesses and the workforce so companies can ill afford any more hits to revenues.” The Swine Flu: Your Supply Chain Moment of Truth?

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