Top 10 Projects with Supply Chain Impact

Many people continue to plod on daily simply dealing with the day to day customer service and supplier issues that come along with the operation of most supply chains. In some cases individuals at mid-size companies feel that they don’t have the size or excess budgets to take on any projects outside the day to day dealings.

My belief is that this is the wrong attitude and no matter how backward and tightfisted your senior management and finance group are, if you can identify for them in straight forward terms a specific and achievable logistics & supply chain project with real benefits there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

The question then becomes which project should I examine and propose? This week, we’ve identified our Top Ten Projects with supply chain impact that you may want to review and consider in relation to your own specific supply chain network.

So here we go, the Top Ten Projects with Supply Chain Impact we’re highlighting are:

1. Strategic Network Modeling

2. Operational Benchmarking

3. Inventory Optimization

4. Spend Analysis

5. Supply Chain Visibility

6. Scorecarding

7. Global Data Synchronization

8. Supply Chain Network Collaboration

9. RFID Technology Process Improvement

10. Carbon Footprint Modeling & Reduction

If you feel there is more you can get out of your supply chain to improve the situation and reduce some of those customer service and other issues you face day to day, review each of these opportunities to see which might be the best fit. Once you’ve determined this, build a business case around it, ask for help if you need it, and then present to the powers that be and pray they also see the light.


Jeff Ashcroft

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