U.S. Department of Defense Places First Orders for DASH7 Wireless Sensor Products

The DASH7 Alliance, a coalition of organizations promoting a standard for wireless sensor networks, today announced that the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has placed its first order for DASH7 active RFID tracking technologies. The order comes under the DoD’s $429.4 million RFID III procurement contract, and includes products from three vendors – Evigia, IDENTEC Solutions and Savi Technology, which are all members of the DASH7 Alliance.

“These contracts mark an important milestone for the DASH7 Alliance,” said Patrick Burns, President of the DASH7 Alliance. “Now NATO customers, and defense suppliers in industries from aerospace and automotive to logistics can rely on a single open standard for monitoring and securing critical cargo, parts and assets, around the world. ”

The DoD will transition its RF-ITV network to DASH7, providing the foundation for faster growth in the active UHF segment of the RFID market. The technology will enable the DoD to track items like cargo containers, vehicles, and rolling stock, with faster and more effective communication as to their whereabouts and status across allied defense forces and government organizations. Standardizing on DASH7 technology will enable the DoD to make better choices, increase interoperability and achieve its goals at lower costs.

In the past, wireless sensor networking technologies have been limited by issues such as poor range, short battery life and the inability to penetrate certain types of materials. DASH7 is particularly well suited for both structured and unpredictable, chaotic environments given its range of at least one kilometer, its ten-year battery life and its ability to penetrate water, concrete and other materials that can block other Radio Frequency (RF) signals.

Products purchased in this order by the DoD are certified with the DASH7 1.0 Interoperability Certification, meaning they have successfully completed baseline interoperability testing for DoD-specific use cases. Official DASH7 Alliance interoperability certification, planned to be available later this year, will encompass a broader set of interoperability criteria for public sector and commercial applications. This certification is expected to attract other commercially-focused DASH7 developers and manufacturers currently innovating a wide range of new products and capabilities that they intend to offer to their traditional markets. DASH7 developer resources are available at http://www.dash7.org/

About the DASH7 Alliance

The DASH7 Alliance is a coalition of organizations from multiple industries that are committed to collaborating on the promotion of wireless sensor technologies based on the ISO18000-7 standard for active Radio Frequency Identification. Participating organizations include Analog Devices, Austria Microsystems, Dow, Evigia Systems, Hi-G-Tek, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, KPC, Lockheed Martin, Michelin, Northrop Grumman, RFind, Savi Technology, ST Microelectronics, and Texas Instruments Corporation. The U.S. Department of Energy and three of its laboratories, the Argonne National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, as well as the University of Pittsburgh, plan to serve as technical advisors. Membership is open to end users, technology providers and research organizations. For more information, please visit www.dash7.org

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