Who’s Involved in Supply Chain Fraud?


Fraud, especially those related to the supply chain, will encompass internal, external, and mixed (internal and external) types of collusion scenarios. In brief:

Internal fraud will be perpetrated solely within the organization, without the known involvement of an outside entity, such as a customer or supplier. This may involve an individual or several people on the inside collaborating together to perpetrate the fraud.

External fraud will be perpetrated by an external entity, such as a customer or a supplier, with no knowledgeable or willing person inside the organization as an accomplice.

Mixed frauds will involve collusion between an external entity (i.e. customer, supplier) and one or more internal persons (i.e. full-time employee, contract employee, consultant, etc.).

• Engaged employees (29%) are innovators and drive organizations forward.

• Not Engaged employees (56%) “do their time” during the workday, but are also water-cooler chatters and Internet-surfers for a significant amount of the workday.

• Actively Disengaged employees (15%) are those who purposefully and intentionally thwart and subvert the progressive activities of the organization and other employees.

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