Why Should Manufacturers Get Social With Their Supply Chains?

In recent years manufacturers have globalised their operations due to the need to reduce costs and to explore business opportunities in new markets. Establishing a new manufacturing plant in a remote location has its problems, the most important of which is guaranteeing a reliable supply of parts from key suppliers and more importantly maintaining regular communications with them. In many cases suppliers will establish plants in these countries as well to simplify logistics and transportation costs. But what about the rest of the supply chain?, how can you improve communication and collaboration with these particular suppliers?

One of the biggest internet growth areas in recent years has been social networks, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social networking websites, we now take it for granted that we can connect with friends and family almost instantly and keep up to date with what is going on in their lives. I know these social networking sites have transformed the way in which I keep in touch with friends and work colleagues to such an extent I hardly send any emails from my home email account anymore. Facebook has become the main tool I use to keep in touch with friends and family outside of work and I tend to use LinkedIn for professional or work related connections. Another useful feature of LinkedIn is the ability to exchange information with like minded individuals within a special interest group. To be able to tap into a global knowledge base of information is not only useful but it can save a lot of time when trying to get the answers to specific questions.” Link to Mark Morely’s complete blogpost

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