Year End Supply Chain Predictions for 2009

From ” I’m willing to bet The J. Geils Band didn’t have the current economy in mind when they penned that lyric. But anyone still in business today is probably humming some variation of love stinks to describe the current state of affairs. The shift from growth mode into survival mode, is going to drive changes in business processes and supply chain best practices, predicts Anand Iyer, vice president for global process consulting at i2 Technologies.”

“At the highest level, we’re seeing a shift in the balance of power between IT departments and the business today,” says Iyer. “By and large, that shift is away from what IT thinks is nice from an architecture standpoint and towards the business realities of coming up with solutions to get the job done.” Iyer and his colleagues have come up with five predictions of what they expect to see in the supply chain over the next year.” Year End Supply Chain Predictions for 2009

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