Zebra Technologies Video Highlights Food Traceability

A 2009 report from Health and Human Services found that 59 percent of the North American food facilities surveyed did not meet the FDA’s requirements to maintain records about their sources, recipients and transporters. On the heels of the largest recall of eggs in FDA history this month and pending legislation in the Senate, food safety and traceability have never been more relevant.

While most food safety reforms focus on the protection and prevention of contamination, traceability systems are critical to quickly identifying product origins for removal from the supply chain. According to the CDC, an estimated 76 million Americans get sick from food borne illness each year, more than 300,000 are hospitalized and about 5,000 die. With such high numbers, growers and retailers alike need to be aware of how invaluable track and trace technologies are.

As the market leader in RFID and thermal printers, Zebra Technologies’ broad experience in supply chain management and building unique RFID and barcode solutions across a variety of industries has illustrated the importance of providing traceability – especially within the food industry. The below video with David Senerchia , Director of Business Development of Zebra Technologies, highlights the importance of food traceability throughout the supply chain:

With more label and scan points throughout a dairy, produce or food growers operation and shipping, products can be more accurately traced throughout the supply chain. This provides an extra layer of protection should a food-borne illness occur – allowing growers to quickly review their records to determine if the faulty product came from any of their farms and then alert their partners.

This can save businesses time, money and reputation. As produce growers/shippers look to obtain Produce Traceability Initiative compliance, they can look to Zebra as a reliable product partner to provide practical, mobile and desktop printing solutions to ensure multiple label and scan points to track the life of the product from farm to fork.

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